Tigris Valley, located at Markaz Knowledge City, Calicut, Kerala is a holistic healthcare retreat, a space away from city chaos, filled with natural care and wellness. We strive to recreate the conventional system of natural health care integrated through traditional treatments in a lush valley below the Western Ghats.


Morickap is a dainty boutique family holiday resort offering magnificent and sustainable luxury at the breathtakingly scenic locale of Vythiri in Wayanad District, Kerala. Snuggled amidst the awe-inspiring setting of mist-clad craggy mountains of the Western Ghats, Morickap Resort offers the perfect venue to revitalize all your senses.


The 20 years long work and market experience differ Fassade’s products
from other products. We have designed every piece with immense passion and care. Be it doors, windows or cabinets, we can find the best products and
designs that will enhance the accent and style of your home.

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